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Glen Falconer's Philosophy of Brewing

(The following was hand written by Glen Falconer in 1997 for the then Wild Duck web site) Click here for a PDF of the hand written version.

Philosophy of Brewing

Homebrewers got it great.  Sixteen hours on the weekend to brew one batch of beer and cost is of no regard.  Stylistic definitions can be stretched, expanded, or completely disregarded.  Then they’re usually the only ones (maybe with a few friends) to drink it.  What a treat!

Keeping in touch with my homebrewer beginnings, I try to brew beer that “pushes the envelope.”  However, I must also brew beer that is saleable, tasty and inventive.  A four hundred sixty five gallon batch of lemon grass, tamarind, orange clover honey wheat beer is not going to sell.  That I can guarantee.

When I hear a comment from a patron: “This is the best pale ale I’ve ever had,” that is reward enough for me.  Brewing beer that brings a smile to someone’s face brings a smile to my face.  Trying to emulate the perfect pilsner and doing it makes me very happy.

Brewing is both an art form and a science.  Take an in depth knowledge born of extensive research, couple it with an artistic flair while adhering to time honored stylistic definitions and you get a perfect melding of perfection and passion.  Philosophically speaking, I try to brew beer that appeals to the most discriminating palate while pleasing the uninformed palate also.  Brewing beer that people like, want another one, and will tell their friends about is my philosophy of brewing.

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