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Welcome to The Sasquatch Brew Fest Homebrew Contest

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Together with the Cascade Brewers Society, the Northwest Legends Foundation presents the 2015 Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition. The competition is sanctioned by the American Homebrewers Association and the Beer Judge Certification Program.

Registration is Now Available for the Sasquatch Brew Fest for participants and judges. Please click the links below to access online registration.

Please note that the Homebrew contest winners will be announced at the festival (we don't know exactly when) as well as posted online the first Monday after the festival.

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Entries must be received by Falling Sky Brewing in Eugene by May 22, 2015. Shipping address is 30th East 13th St. Eugene Oregon 97401. Entries may also be dropped off by May 15, 2015 at F. H. Steinbart Co., 234 SE 12th, Portland OR 97214. Questions or more information please contact: sasquatch<at>

Judging will take place on May 23, 2015 at the Ninkasi Admin Building, 155 Blair Blvd., in Eugene, Oregon.

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Prizes awarded at the Sasquatch Brew Fest to the top three finishers in the following BJCP style categories:

    * Category 2: Pilsner 
    * Category 5: Bock 
    * Category 8: English Pale Ale 
    * Category 10: American Ale
    * Category 12: Porter
    * Category 13: Stout
    * Category 14: IPA 
    * Category 18: Belgian Strong Ale 
    * Category 19: Strong Ale
    * Glen Tribute Beer

For style guidelines, please visit the BJCP website.

We are also awarding prizes for a non-BJCP category as well, called the “Glen Tribute Beer." The idea is to brew a beer that Glen might have brewed and most certainly enjoyed.

OG: 1.065 – 1.090           FG: 1.012+
SRM: 12+                        IBU: 40+

Aroma:  Aroma may be of moderate to high levels of fruitiness.  Banana, bubblegum esters are not appropriate.  Hop aroma may range from balanced, to assertive.

Appearance:  Copper to walnut brown.  Copper tones may be noted.  Brown and/or red colors are appropriate.  Clarity medium to high.

Flavor:  Medium to high caramel flavor.  Hop bitterness and flavor are clearly apparent and may be moderate to high to unbelievable, but are always in balance with the malt.  Old ale type fruit flavors may be present from low to high.  A fresh, citrus/floral finish.

Mouth Feel:  Medium to full body.  Medium low to medium carbonation.  Stronger versions may have a moderate alcohol warmth. 

Overall Impression:  These are beers with substantial flavor and body, even the ones at the bottom end of the gravity range.  Hops are a main component, but there is always rich malt compliment to balance.

Drinkability is a critical component of the style.  They are beers that you want more than one of, despite their size and strength.

Examples:  Think Sasquatch Olde Ale, Rogue Mogul Madness.

While sponsored by the Northwest Legends Foundation, the Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition is made possible through the generosity and hard work of the Cascade Brewers Society who are organizing and producing the event.  Like many professional brewers, Glen started as a homebrewer. In Eugene, he was a dedicated member of the Cascade Brewers Society. Glen always remained close to his roots as an avid supporter of homebrewers by sharing ideas, recipes, and techniques.
The Sasquatch Homebrewing Competition is a tribute to the huge impact that the homebrewing community had on Glen's life and continues to have on the craft brewing movement.

Many thanks to the generous sponsors of the Sasquatch Brew Fest!

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